Accounting, Payroll & Financial Reporting

Medenet has the accumulated knowledge, resources and experience for all of your accounting, payroll and financial reporting needs.

Solutions for your Individual Practice

Medenet has many Solutions to choose from to fit your Individual Practice

  • Secure and confidential
  • No worry of employee turnover and retraining needs
  • Separating confidential financial processes from current staff
  • Our services are Tailored to meet your specific Needs
  • Are all your needs being met by your current staff or service

Deposits and Banking- Fast Track your Money straight to the Bank

  • Lock Box Services
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Credit Card Solutions
  • Account and Loan Reconciliations

Checkwriting and Bill Pay - Stored Electronically

  • Receipt and Reconciliation of Invoices
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Operating or Physician Direct Recognition
  • Departmentalized Expenses

Payroll - Have the Best for You and your Employees

  • Employee Insurance and Benefits Management
  • Departmentalized and Physician Direct Costing
  • Leased Employee or Non-Leased Processing
  • No worry of Timely Filed Returns
  • No worry of Tax Depository Deadlines or Penalties

Financial Reporting - Knowledge is the Key

  • Financial Statements, Journals and Ledgers
  • Partnership Profit and Expense Divisional Reporting
  • Year to Year Comparatives
  • Know where you have been
  • Historical, Budgetary & Trend Analysis
  • Know where you are going

Medenet can assure you that your financial affairs are being managed smoothly and efficiently so you are free to concentrate on the daily activities of your business

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