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Medenet has revolutionized the way we do business. It has allowed us to develop a better workflow and by streamlining my practice has seen great savings.

My first experience came when I was head of the cardiology department at a hospital, and was faced with a challenge. The hospital, which was a part of several in the area, wanted to stop the expense of giving a stipend to the cardiologists for the service of interpreting the hundreds of EKG reads being done at the facilities. Most of these reads were at random and presented difficulty in getting them billed under individual cardiologists as physician services.

I discussed this issue with Medenet in 2006 and they came up with a solution by helping me set-up a panel of cardiologists interpreting EKG reads across a multitude of facilities under an entity of our own reading group, handling all the credentialing and contracting issues.

Medenet worked with the EDI departments of each of the participating hospitals to bring the required data into its proprietary billing software, to scrub the data for accuracy and then to file the claims to contracted payers.

Medenet commenced this service for the group in 2007 and has consistently worked with the EDI departments of the hospitals through their ever changing systems to keep the service at a level to generate optimum revenue from an item that was deemed to be so small that it was cost prohibitive to service.

Medenet provides intuitive solutions that are easy to implement and do not have a long transition from conception to delivery

Dr. Mahesh Amin , Cardiologist, Clearwater, Florida.


"Harris Caretracker EMR is helping us increase reimbursements in a pay-for-performance program by capturing and reporting on quality measures across our five clinics."

-Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, president and CEO of Women’s Care

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